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Bike Rental In Guilin

Biking is certainly a perfect way to explore the highlights of a city and to experience local lives. By a short bike ride out of town, cyclists can be transported into a completely rural setting. Thus, bike rental and cycling is something 100% recommended. That is a perfect way to get off the tourist path and enjoy close-up views at your own pace. There are several guided bicycle tours available to meet our travelers’ need. And also, we provide some different models of mountain bikes (26' Wheels), Hybird Road Bikes (Flat Bar, 700C Wheels), Electronic Mountain Bikes (Pedaling-assistant system), V-brake MTB, and Leisure Bikes - for rental, please find the most suitable ones for your own city cycling or multi-day bike touring in Guilin and Yangshuo areas or any parts of China. We also have some of the top bicycle technicians of Guilin, with many cheaper and more comfortable bicycles available for you, big differences and amusement will be found when you on our self-assemble bikes!


                          Choose Your Bike Properly Based on Your Height ( 1 Meter = 3.28 Inches )

XS (1.50-1.55M)   S (1.56 - 1.62 M)   M (1.64 - 1.72 M)   L (1.75 - 1.78 M)   L (1.80 - 1.83 M)  XXL (1.85 - 1.92 M)

 Bike Type
Rental Rate Per Bike
     Currency = CNY / RMB     
Half day : <= 4 hours;
        Full day : 9:00 - 18:00 / 18:00 - 12:00 (+1 day)       
 24 / 27
Disk Brake Bikes
26' Wheels
Half Day = 60
 Full Day = 100
Rental Deposit
= 900 per bike
or passport (s)
Giant/Trek/Other Brands, used for private cycling groups.
USE: 2-15-days long distance cycling,more sporty.


 24 Speed
V Brake Bikes
26' Wheels
Half Day = 30
Full Day = 50
Rental Deposit
= 500 per bike
or passport (s)

Reliable self-assembled, perfect for half / day trips.
USE: 1-5 days long distance cycling, less sporty.
 27 Speed
Disk Brake Flat Bar
Hybird Bikes
700C Wheels
Half Day = 60
Full Day = 100
Rental Deposit
= 900 per bike
or passport (s)

 Hybird Bike Rental in Guilin - Bike Rental in China
Self-assembled, used for long distance touring.
USE: 2-15-days long distance cycling,sporty.

21 speed
Tandem Bicyle 
Half Day = 50
Full Day = 80
Rental Deposit
= 800 or passport (s)
USE: 1-5 days long distance cycling,less sporty.
For two adults / or  Dad and one kid (height >= 1.4M)
   Front Seat   
M / L / XL

Rear Seat
XXL / S / M


Bike Accessory and Bike Rental Liabilities

HELMET uses (for free), rear luggage rack (for free if booking for multi-day uses ahead). water proof rear PANNIER - around 40L (CNY20 per day per pannier), simple bike fixing TOOLS - spare tube(s),pump,etc. (for free if you book self-guided cycling with us or rental our bikes over 3 days), bike LOCKs is not provided as it is not safe to park the bikes in public in the urban areas (means you have to leave someone keep watching them if some of you want to visit parks or want to do some in-door shopping), MAP/ROUTEs - we can only help for some overview about places and directions worth to cycle, detailed maps or GPS data is not allowed to provide to 'guests only rent bikes'. 

Guests should compensate for any bike broken or lost during the rental time caused by individual improper bike usage or accident. Please check your bike carefully before leaving. A guest should pay 70% of the new bike’s price (same level we offered) if losting the bikes.

* We are not responsible for any injury or losts during your rental time. Insurance is NOT included.


1. Please call us ahead via local Chinese phone to 0773-3810665 before going to our company as we might not be there for most of the time.(away with groups, weekend, off work periods, etc. ). Back-up contact: number to Robert Liu 13635190031 / Forrest Wu 15296807701. 
2. Email and reserve the bikes ahead as we are busy and bikes might not be available during high season. 
Our email address: 
3. Contact via Wechat ---- Recommended  (by searching new friend on your Wechat): 

Forrest Wu (539380062) or Robert (13635190031).

Download Wechat at: 

Extra Expenses :   
1. Delivering the bikes to your hotel / returning bikes from your hotel is available if we are not away for groups (less than 4KMs single way) 

Price = CNY20 per bike per transfer. 

2. During our non-working hours (national holiday, weekend, etc.), the rental price will be double / triple if the bike number you need is less than 4 (full day rental) or the total rental fee is less than CNY200. 

3. Bike rental / bike transfers /replying email may not available when we are on vacation or leading groups, so sorry for that. 

4. We also offer packing / transfer to airport services for your own bikes, you can contact us for the price. 
5. Extra cost may happen if you delay / change your plan and the time to return our bikes. 

Our Working Hours: 9:30 - 18:00 (lunch time around 12:30), Monday to Friday, GMT+8. 


1. Our company Guilin Cycling Tours ( Easy Tour China ) is in downtown of Guilin, please visit it at: Room 706, Jinhe Building, 21 Zhishan Road, Guilin . Which is about 8 minutes walking from The Guilin Train Station and 15 minutes walking from Guilin Aviation Hotel (where airport shuttle bus stops in Guilin).

Please turn back when you see the elementary school.

Go straight into the parking lot of the community then turn left.

This is the gate of Jinhe Building. Please find the elevator inside.

In the 7th floor, you will see our office at Room 706 (instead of the number 604 shown on the picture).

2. Over half of the year we are fully booked or working outside the office, if you find we are not there, please go to the Guilin This Old Place Hostel, our bike rentals are also available there. (Address in English: No. 2 Yiwu Road / Address in Chinese: 翊武路2号桂林老地方国际青年旅社)

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