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We believe that cycling is a best way to explore the world. A bike trip for one or two weeks in China brings you memories which will never fade. More than regular cycling tours, GCT delivers tailor-made ones based on your conditions like age and physical fitness. To ensure our clients to have an intriguing adventure, we would like you to immerse yourself into the culture and lifestyle of local people by adding other colorful activities into your tour: hiking, bamboo rafting, home visit, brush painting, cooking/Taiji class, and cultural shows, etc. Travelers can enjoy the amusement of cycling on our exclusive routes away from the bustling city, while have lots of chances discovering the unknown besides cycling. Please leave your tour plan to us, we will take you to the hidden gems, try local specialties, chat with the locals, and enjoy a different trip in China.
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To make things easier for first-timers to China, GCT works out an inquiry form to help you to map out the travel plan. Leave the rest to us and enjoy your ride.
  • This is a fully supported bike holiday starting from Xi'an (Shaanxi province) to Luoyang (Henan Province). The journey will take you to cross the edge of the Loess Plateau and see the grandeur of mountains and rivers hidden in Central China, where has long been considered as the birth place of Chinese civilization. Besides the top attractions like Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Mount Hua and Longmen Grottoes, etc, cyclists will also enjoy the fun of riding off the beaten track to observe the authentic lifestyle of local people living by the Chinese mother river - Yellow River.
  • This tour is designed for the active traveler who does not wish to cover too many areas in 10-14 days and intend to have an in-depth travel experience and funs. The tour is fully supported and you are worry-free about the biking distance. This tour covers all the must-visit parts around Guilin and highlights both in its north and south areas, it is one of the classic long-distance bike tour in China.
  • The cycling from Guizhou province to Guangxi province was regarded as the cycling on the backbone of the dragon, it’s well-known by the western countries. However, China is a vast developing country, road and things is changing very quickly, GuilinCyclingTours have updated the cycling in these two provinces into the best one according to the real changing of related areas in China. This China cycling tour offers you a great visit getting close to the minority culture of Guizhou and enjoys the best scenery of Guilin and Yangshuo areas while avoiding the unnecessary cycling on roads affected a lot by the traffic. This is a real bike experience on back roads.
  • A multi-activity bike tours focus in the southern part of China in Guilin and Yangshuo areas, where amazing Karst landform scenery is located, including plenty of fun from non-cycle touring and local culture experiences.
  • The tour is focusing on the world famous places in southwest of China – Yunnan, and is including the Tibetan culture visit at Shangri-la, amazing trekking on Tiger Leaping Gorge (both upper and low way), biking the highlight regions around Lijiang, Dali though remote villages, lakes, snow mountains, hot spring and ancient towns, together with a boat experience to across the branch of Yangtze River and home stays in the local farmers’ guesthouse.
  • The trip covers 3 destinations of China, starts from capital and ends in the south. Hike the less visited sections of the Great Wall and have a close look of the man-made wonder of the world, and then cycle in Guilin of Guangxi region, to those scenic places which have been favored by poets and painters for centuries. A bullet train on fast developing network to Southeast of Guizhou province then takes us to ethnic Dong and Miao villages and its splendid culture.
  • Qinghai Lake, located in the east of Tibet Plateau is the largest salt lake of China. It is well known for its beautiful natural landscape and more recently the Tour de Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race. This biking route is based on the Qinghai Lake cycling race but can be personalized made to meet client requirements. As well as the beautiful landscape around Qinghai Lake. You will enjoy seeing the breathtaking rape flowers fields everywhere. The seeds of rape flowers are made into edible oil, which is even unique in China. Also, people can buy the local fresh honey made by the local Tibetan raising bees.
  • Due to the strict control,it is complicated and expensive for foreign travelers to visit and even cycle in Tibet. However, this tour makes your dream come true without any special permit to enter Tibetan habitat. Based on an affordable budget, you will travel, trek and cycle like a Chinese traveler. The trip covers trekking on the less-visited wild mountain of Niangniangshan, enjoying the golden/purple sunset and sunrise of the highest mountain in Sichuan province - the holy Minya Konka, challenging the longest climbs in Tibetan area, immersing yourself in the mixed cultures of Han and Tibetan people. You will surely secure a special experience of lifetime in the remote Tibetan area of China!
  • This is an outdoor adventure trip of mixed cycling and hiking experiences from Guangxi to Hunan province in South China. The 2 areas are both among the most beautiful sites in China: Guilin (limestone) and Zhangjiajie (quartz sandstone) – it is the place that inspired Hollywood movie director James Cameron to create the world of Avatar in his film.