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In China, so many travel companies out there run the same trips without doing deep research of destinations. Some of them even copy the itineraries of other companies. GCT team won’t do this. We are passionate about what we are doing. By exploring every inch of our beloved land, we keep looking for the possible best travel experiences for the clients and carefully craft every tour we offer. On foot and on a bike, you will discover the intriguing pleasures of the visited places. Free your body and soul to connect with the people and culture here. You will definitely enjoy GCT experiences.


Cycle the Countryside of China, Less Travelled Places Worth to Cycle in China

Experience means more to us and our clients. After engaging in tourism for years, we do know how important travel experience is to the current travelers. China has been a popular destination for years. International visitors expect much more than that of the tourists 10 years ago. Many of them hate to sit in a coach and follow the tourist guide holding a flag for sightseeing. They want to avoid busy traffic at city downtown, free their soul in the rurality, laugh and sweat in nature, chat with locals, try the fresh specialties, etc. With GCT, we will make your dream trip a reality in China by taking you to out-of-the-way places.

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Reasonable prices, unbeatable value

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As a new company specializing in outdoor soft adventures, GCT’s philosophy is to charge reasonable prices for quality trips at an unbeatable value. A successful adventure doesn’t have to be luxury or costly. GCT team cares for the needs of clients and pays much attention to the details during the trip. Dedicated service staff, comfortable accommodations, fresh and tasty food and great bikes, will make every minute of your time with GCT pleasant and worthwhile. We believe: excellent experiences + reasonable prices = great values at GCT.


Personal, timely, passionate and go extra miles...

High Quality Cycle Tour in China, Service of GCT

GCT team shares a common value and target, which makes us always work at the same service level to our clients. We do know our products handcrafted on our beloved land, we listen carefully to the voice of clients, we are flexible and open-minded, and we care for the details and like to go extra miles. By the time of arrival you will know you have made a right decision of dealing with someone who can really be relied on in China. Unlike many other travel companies, we won’t take you to tourist shops to get kickback. You can make most of travel time to enjoy every minute in China.


China Bike Tour Leader, Guide to Contact for Free Cycling Information

Treasures of GCT, your chief experience officer.

Good guides create great trips. On all our escorted tours you will be accompanied by a GCT tour guide/leader, who can not only ride a bike or hike, but has a passion for their work and love to share the real amazing experiences with you in this country. Upon your request, we can arrange a support van to go all the way with you. The driver, usually an experienced mechanic as well, will join to assist in making sure your bike is well maintained. GCT team is always ready to do something that surpasses the expectations of our clients.


Not just a place to sleep, but also a chance to know the country

Off the Beatan Tracks China Cycle,Remote Villages Guests Houses in China

While traveling in China, you can select your preferred accommodation at different levels, either book online, or request us to arrange. GCT team carefully picks a bunch of hotels and guesthouses along the tour route. These accommodations may not be luxury, but full of character or stories. GCT clients can choose the level of hotels to suit their needs and budget. After an exhausting day of adventures, what you need is to relax and have a sweet sleep at home away from home. GCT will find it for you here.


Chinese proverb: To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven

Eating at Remote Villages in China, China Cycle to Remote Villages

Chinese people are usually proud of the thousands-year-old culinary culture, which possibly can make the most memorable parts of your trip. There is so much to offer in China. We don’t bring our clients to tourist restaurants eating pre-cooked food. You will have a chance to try all kinds of fresh local ingredients. In rural areas, the meals can be simple and real Chinese style, while in the big towns, we will feast on different choices of delicious food and local specialties, and you can also venture yourself to try anything you like on your own during your free time. Our guide will give you some helpful advice.